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Thief of Hearts Tammy

Price: $8000.00 + GST
Special: $5000.00 + GST
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Animal Details




DOB: 2005-02-25
IAR Number: 89162
Colour: White

Tammy is the finest animal we have ever bred. Her certificate says she is a light fawn, but we believe she is white.

She has the softest fleece you can imagine and carries fine, high amplitude, stylish crimp allover her body and well down her legs. Tammy is halter trained and has the most beautiful nature. Her second fleece statistics speak forthemselves, especially the extremely low SD.

This female will not be out of place in any breeders herd.

You will look a long time to find a female of this quality for this price. Look at her stats and especially her Curvature which is the second highest in our herd.

This picture does not do her justice at all, touching and opening her fleece does this.

Tammy's last Cria "Fire Dragon" is going to be  a Stud Male for someone, his fleece is just amazing and we believe he is the finest animal we have bred to date.

Tammy is currently in the birthing paddock and is due September 6th which is just a couple of weeks away. If she has a female Cria before she is sold, her price will not be what it is now.

Tammy is again carrying a Samuri Cria. 

Alpaca Pedigree Family Tree
Sires Sire: Somerset Peruvian Excellence

Sire: Mitchel Park Gladiator

Sires Dam: Somerset Peruvian Evelyn Rose
Dams Sire: Somerset Peruvian Condoriri
Dam: Thief of Hearts Bambi
Dams Dam: El Pico Beeby
Breeding Records
Pregnancy Status: Pregnant
Mated to: Banksia Park Samuri
Due date: 2011-10-06
Last Scanning Date: 0000-00-00
Fibre/Fleece Records
Date Taken: 2007-12-14
Micron: 21.16
SD: 4.98
CV: 23.5
Curvature: 46.5


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