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We offer a large selection of Alpacas For Sale - all at competitive prices, and with a number of benefits exclusive us.
As we now have over 100 animals anually to sell, there are many animals that are not listed on this site.
Contact us now if there is something you are specificially looking for as I am sure we will be able to offer you, what you are looking for.

All of the Females below were shorn between December and Februaryand all the samples were taken at the time of shearing. We also have every breeding record for every female we have ever owned.


 Females - with Cria at foot (1 available)
All of these Females are sold with their Cria?s at foot. In the case of a Male Cria, these are at No Charge, and if they have a Female Cria, they are priced accordingly.... View Full Female with Cria List
 Females (7 available)
All of our Females come with a Live Cria guarantee and that lasts until the Cria is at least 3 months of age. All Females are scanned Pregnant at 60 days and then again at 120 Days.... View Full Female List
 Maidens (0 available)
All our Maidens come with a Reproductive Guarantee. Some of these Maidens represent excellent Value for Money. Once they are Breeding Age and are ready to be mated, the price to purchase these animals will increase.... View Full Maiden List
 Wethers / Pets (0 available)
All Pet Alpacas are not the same, we try and find the right animals for the right clients. Some have better natures than others and some have better fleeces than others. This is why the price varies per animal.... View Full Male List
 Potential Stud Males (9 available)
These young Males in our opinion, are just too good to castrate at this stage, and are worth considering as Potential Stud Males. They all come with a Fertility Guarantee. Every male is different and all have different traits that they could pass onto your females.... View Full Potential Stud Male List
 Stud Males (1 available)
These boys are certified and ready to use. These Males like all Stud Males offer different Traits and different Genetics that they can pass onto your females.... View Full Stud Male List
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