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Thief of Hearts Miss Fortune

Price: $5000.00 + GST
Special: $2000.00 + GST
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Animal Details




DOB: 2005-12-09
IAR Number: 107016
Colour: Dark brown

Miss Fortune is an exceptional animal that displays superior fleece qualities not usually associated with a brown female. She is sired by Classique and was another of my show team females.

Miss Fortune was undefeated in her class all show season.
This girl isthe result of using the right male (Classique) over the right female. Her Dam is a solid black animal

Her fleece has a very soft handle with a high definition, highfrequency crimp. She is extremely dense and displays even characterthroughout the fleece. Her conformation is perfect and we love her nature.

Fully halter trained, she would be an asset to any herd. Miss Fortune has now produced two male Cria and is due for a girl.

The picture attached does not do her justice but she stands out in the paddock as a good quality animal.

She has been mated to Geronimo and held to the first mating. We are expecting a fawn Cria in March.

Alpaca Pedigree Family Tree
Sires Sire: Purrumbete Brigantine

Sire: Hadstock N.Z. Classique

Sires Dam: Kilpanie Romy
Dams Sire: Chilean Sire
Dam: Alpharma Bo Peep
Dams Dam: Chilean Dam
Breeding Records
Pregnancy Status: Pregnant
Mated to: Banksia Park Samuri ET
Due date: 2012-03-30
Last Scanning Date: 2011-08-20
Fibre/Fleece Records
Date Taken: 2007-12-13
Micron: 24.01
SD: 4.53
CV: 18.9
Curvature: 35.1


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